Vintage Soundset for the Yamaha RS-7000

I think I converted some Old Fashioned Drum Machines into a Set for the Yamaha RS-7000. I am not sure. I can't have a look, because I don't have an RS-7000 anymore.

Reason Refill

I made a ReFill for Reason. It uses at least the drumsets Distorted and Acid from the Yamaha RS-7000. There are other samples there as well.

Set of my sold Korg Electribe 2

This is everything I have done with my Korg Electribe 2 MX before I sold her.

Wonderful Sampleset for the Korg Volca Sample

These are the samples I have used for the Wonderful Video.


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Vintage Soundset for the Yamaha RS-7000 14 Sep 2019 11.75 MB 281
Yamaha RS-7000 for Reason 14 Sep 2019 4.15 MB 381
Electribe 2 Set 14 Sep 2019 3.97 MB 229
Wonderful Samples for Korg Volca Sample 14 Sep 2019 3.79 MB 237

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